Selma el Boundati, MS

Selma holds an MS in cultural anthropology from the University of Utrecht, where she wrote a thesis on climate justice advocacy. Her BA, from the Vrije Universiteit, was also in cultural anthropology. While researching her thesis on the relationship between language and identity among migrant women in the Netherlands, she studied abroad in Rabat, Morocco. During her studies, her awareness of social inequality and her concern for social justice developed, which led her to volunteer with Amnesty International, Platform Zijn, and the Moroccan Women’s Association. When Selma is not busy helping SIT students connect with excellent social justice organizations in the Netherlands and doing her advocacy work, she loves to explore the world through travel, culture, and food.


  • MS, University of Utrecht
  • BA, Vrije Universiteit
Selma el Boundati, MS

SIT Study Abroad

Internship Coordinator

NETHERLANDS: International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender

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