Rick Miller, PhD and MArch

Trained as both an architect and a social scientist, Rick’s pedagogical belief is in an expansive classroom, where learning juxtaposes concepts with experience in our world. In his courses, Rick introduces conceptual frameworks for understanding how populations have been impacted by economic, political, and other structural forces in the world. He believes in furthering student learning into these topics through field-training in ethnographic, visual, and other methods of generating primary research. Rick’s own work includes his dissertation, Dwelling on the Edge of Ulaanbaatar, investigating how former pastoral nomads in Mongolia — often climate-refugees driven into Ulaanbaatar from the countryside — have auto-constructed significant portions of the city. More recently, building on his experience with SIT in West Africa and through a researchship in Rome, his project Nowhere to Roam has looked at inequities for trans-Mediterranean migrants. Rick is returning to IHP for his sixth term as traveling faculty.

Rick Miller, PhD and MArch

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