Riccardo Guarino, PhD

Dr. Guarino holds a BSc in natural sciences from the University of Pavia, an MSc in environmental management and auditing from the University of Pisa, and a PhD in environmental sciences from the University of Catania. His research interests include the ecology and plant geography of Mediterranean and Alpine territories with specific focus on dry habitats, trans-disciplinary studies on human impact assessment, and environmental restoration. He has written important essays and contributions on the optimal human habitat and nature conservation policies.

He has published several monographs, book chapters and refereed articles in academic scientific journals (a complete reference list is available on Google Scholar and a thematic list is on Academia.edu). He is a member of many academic national and international societies and a well-known commentator on vegetation ecology and sustainability.


  • PhD, environmental sciences, University of Catania
  • MSc, environmental management and auditing, University of Pisa
  • BSc, natural sciences, University of Pavia
Riccardo Guarino, PhD

SIT Study Abroad

Academic Director

ITALY: Food Security and Nutrition

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