Rafaela Rodriguez, MSW

Rafaela grew up in the cultural richness of Mexico City, where she saw the day-to-day struggle of the marginalized. As a teenager, she moved to California with her family, a transition that changed the way she looked at herself and her community. She later attended UC Berkeley and got her BA in psychology. While at Berkeley, she was part of the school’s independent student cooperative, where she learned how to live communally. She got involved with the Latinx community in Oakland by serving at a mental health clinic and working within the Oakland School District, accompanying families struggling with domestic violence and discrimination within the community. This experience led her to getting her MSW at UCLA, where she focused on uplifting the voices of migrant and immigrant communities that had experienced violence and exploitation. Her growing passion for human rights and social justice has contributed to her exploration of ways of systemically changing the current power systems in our society, and she has been inspired by organizing efforts, from farmworkers at the Coalition of Immokalee Workers to the autonomous communities in Chiapas.


  • MSW, University of California, Los Angeles
  • BA, University of California, Berkeley
Rafaela Rodriguez, MSW

SIT Study Abroad

Trustees’ Fellow

IHP: Human Rights Movements, Power, and Resistance (Fall 2019)

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