Pema Norbu

Pema is from the remote and pristine Hidden Valley of Happiness (Beyul Kyimolung) Tsum, northern-most Gorkha district. After high school, he served for two years as secretary of Tsum Syagya Youth Club, dedicated to conserving and maintaining Tsum’s century-old commitment to non-violence. Pema holds a BA in sociology and English literature and plans to further study and explore the culture and people of his origin. Prior to joining SIT, he worked as research associate at the Southasia Institute of Advanced Studies, in a research project dealing with climate change and its legitimacy and conflict and violence over the governance of forest, land, and water in transitioning societies of Nepal and Kenya. Pema is an amateur photographer and budding visual anthropologist. He is also an avid nature and animal lover and sports fan, particularly of football/soccer.

Pema Norbu

SIT Study Abroad

Program Coordinator

Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples

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