Natalia Paso Viola, PhD

Natalia has a PhD in biological sciences from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). The research for her dissertation was in trophic ecology on franciscana dolphin, an endemic endangered species that dies in fishing nets. She has experience in cetacean-watching expeditions to Antarctica in scientific ships. Since 2012, Natalia has been a member of the Ecology and Wildlife Conservation Laboratory of the Austral Center for Scientific Research in Ushuaia. In her postdoctoral research she studied sea lions from Tierra del Fuego. She has extensive experience in trophic ecology of marine organisms, and her interests include ecology of marine ecosystems, conservation, and environmental education. She also works as sciences educator at the End of the World Museum, giving workshops in schools and to the community. Natalia also has experience coordinating groups of students during summer internships in the Acatushún Museum of marine mammals and seabirds from Austral regions. In addition to her academic work, Natalia enjoys nature, dance, painting, and photography.


  • PhD, University of Buenos Aires
Natalia Paso Viola, PhD

SIT Study Abroad

Program Assistant

ARGENTINA: People, Environment, and Climate Change in Patagonia and Antarctica

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