MaryBeth Caseiro, MS

MaryBeth Caseiro, MS, is a licensed clinical mental health counselor specializing in anxiety/depression, friendship, grief/loss, creativity, and family relationships. Human and identity development theories, mindfulness practices, and the latest research in integrative neuroscience guide her collaborative counseling approach. She uses writing to facilitate emotional well-being, greater self-confidence, and deepened powers of concentration and compassion. The inter-subjective field, narrative means to identity formation, multiplicity of the mind, psychosocial borderlands, and immigrant and first-generation educational experiences are areas of independent research and interest that inform her work.

Her background also shapes her work and worldview. As a young child she lived for a time in Mexico and her family hosted students from Latin America; these experiences awakened a vivid awareness and curiosity about other people and places. Witnessing her Portuguese father’s struggle with bias and belonging sensitized her to the reality of not being a part of the dominant culture.

MaryBeth began remote counseling with SIT’s study abroad students in 2019. She has worked with SIT graduate students and programs for many years and knows that study abroad is often a time of intense growth and change as new developmental steps are taken and, as a result, are often accompanied by challenges, dilemmas, and rewards. She believes the capacity to explore personal concerns, large or small, is a sign of strength.


  • MS, University of Vermont
MaryBeth Caseiro, MS

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