Maria Maack, MS

Maria Maack lives in Reykholar/Westfjords, Iceland. She is engaged in research and the implementation of renewable energy solutions and natural resource management as a professional since 1992. She holds a BS in biology and geology, an MS in environmental management and policy and is pursuing PhD studies in ecological economics on the topic of shifting from using oil fuel to renewable electricity and hydrogen for land transport in Iceland.

As a project manager in energy related services and the blue-green economy at Vestfjardastofa, the Development Agency in the Westfjords, she has been working on a new geothermal central heating system at Holmavik, redesigning the central heating system in Reykholar, making use of the reject water to create new services, and mapping opportunities for small-scale hydropower plants to connect production points into the distribution grid. Earlier, she worked on environmental research coordination at Icelandic NewEnergy in European commission pilot projects.

Courses Taught

Science of Global Climate Change


  • MS, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics
  • BEd, University of Iceland
  • BS, University of Iceland
Maria Maack, MS

SIT Graduate Institute

Affiliated Faculty, Iceland

MA in Climate Change and Global Sustainability

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