Kierra Sims

Kierra Sims has more than 10 years of experience working with and learning from young people. As a youth organizer dedicated to an intersectional analysis and practice, she has spent time building community across race, class, gender, and issues in the U.S. South. Kierra is an enthusiastic facilitator, organizer, movement builder, and educator. From 2014-17, Kierra served on the Education Team at Highlander Research and Education Center in New Market, Tennessee, where she played an anchoring role in both the Appalachian Transition Fellowship and the Seeds of Fire program. Prior to 2014, she worked in residence life and as coordinator of a high school improv theatre troupe. Kierra earned her BA in Religion from Wofford College while studying the role of churches in social change. She sees each day as an opportunity to practice deep listening, spread seeds of hope and courage, and co-create community practices that embody deep joy, courage, and authenticity.

Kierra Sims

SIT Study Abroad

Launch Coordinator (Spring 2020 – Atlanta and East Tennessee)

IHP: Human Rights Movements, Power, and Resistance

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