Kelly Teamey, PhD

Kelly has been active in the fields of international/sustainable development and education for the past 20 years. Her work has focused on critical approaches to educational policy within international development contexts, looking particularly at how education, learning, and pedagogies can become transformative, holistic, and sustainably connected to local ecologies and communities. More recently, her work has focused on the reimagination of higher education through the project Enlivened Learning, which she co-founded with Dr. Udi Butler and others. The Enlivened Learning project aims to make visible transformative and disruptive places of higher education that are emerging from social and ecological movements and indigenous communities across the globe offering innovative practices around sustainable development and regeneration. Dr. Teamey’s other current work involves the design of participatory and transformative research methodologies. She has been particularly engaged with critical and community-engaged forms of ethnography and artistic expression such as documentary filmmaking, alongside collaborative and co-creative methods of inquiry and publication. Dr. Teamey received a PhD in education research at King’s College London, an MA in environmental conservation education from New York University, and a BA in environmental studies from Brown University.


  • PhD, King’s College London
  • MA, New York University
  • BA, Brown University
Kelly Teamey, PhD

SIT Graduate Institute

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MA in Sustainable Development

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