Juan Antonio Painecura Antinao

Juan Antonio has coordinated SIT excursions in the Mapuche region for the past 16 years. He is a guest lecturer on Mapuche history and philosophy at Chilean universities. A longtime activist on Mapuche community development and culture survival issues, he has conducted indigenous leadership trainings and is a founding member of a human rights organization in Temuco. Juan Antonio also is a Mapuche retrafe (silverwork artist) and consultant to the Smithsonian and The Royal London Museum on their Mapuche silverwork art collections. He is the owner of Ruka Kimun, a Mapuche cultural training and indigenous tourism business, and holds a degree in design from the Temuco Catholic University.

Juan Antonio Painecura Antinao

SIT Study Abroad

Educational Excursion Coordinator (Southern Chile)

CHILE: Cultural Identity, Social Justice, and Community Development

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