Jessie Mazar, MS

Jessie is based in Quincy, CA, where she is a farmer, co-director of a local nonprofit, Lost Sierra Food Project, and the lead instructor for the Ecological Farming Certificate at Feather River College. In 2016 Jessie received an MS in Food Systems at the University of Vermont, where her research focused on a community food access project with farmworkers in the state. Jessie has a background in regenerative agriculture, community food initiatives, and IHP. She has worked as an IHP trustee’s fellow for two semesters with IHP Food Systems (Spring 2017 and Fall 2018) and is an alumna (2010–2011) of Rethinking Globalization: Nature, Culture, and Justice, and travelled to India, Tanzania, New Zealand, and Mexico. 

Jessie Mazar, MS

SIT Study Abroad

California Coordinator

IHP: FOOD SYSTEMS: Agriculture, Sustainability, and Justice

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