Daniel Suárez

Daniel E. Suarez received a BA in business administration from Fundacion Universitaria Colombo Internacional in Cartagena, Colombia, and a certificate in Design Thinking and Innovation from Universitat de Valencia in Spain. He is the founder and CEO of Beyond the Wall Cartagena, a social enterprise that seeks to transform tourism into a lucrative business for historically marginalized communities. Daniel’s mission is to work with black and Indigenous communities to create tours and experiences that are sustainable, culturally enriching, and equitable. Daniel enjoys playing la clave (a handheld percussion instrument), hanging out with family, and traveling. 


  • BA, business administration, Fundacion Universitaria Colombo Internacional, Colombia
  • Certificate, Design Thinking and Innovation, Universitat de Valencia, Spain
Daniel Suárez

SIT Study Abroad

Program Assistant

COLOMBIA: Building a Culture of Peace

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