Carmen Medeiros, PhD

Carmen holds a PhD in cultural anthropology from the City University of New York (2005). She specializes in Latin America with particular emphasis on critical development and postcolonial debates, indigenous movements and struggles for citizenship, and modern discourses on race and mestizaje. Currently, she teaches at the graduate institute for development research (CIDES–UMSA) in La Paz, Bolivia. As a member of a research collective in La Paz from 2012 to 2016, she conducted research and published three books on urban indigenous economic practices and their struggles over the meanings of citizenship. Before joining IHP, Dr. Medeiros was the academic director of the SIT Study Abroad program in La Paz (2010– 2012). Before settling in Bolivia in 2010, Dr. Medeiros taught at NYU´s Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies in New York; the Facultades Latinoamericanas de Ciencias Sociales in Ecuador; the Trent University in Ecuador Program; Wheaton College in Massachusetts; and the City University of New York in New York. She has also been a consultant with Bolivian research centers and international development agencies.


  • PhD, City University of New York
Carmen Medeiros, PhD

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IHP: CITIES in the 21st CENTURY: People, Planning, and Politics

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