Aynn Setright, MA

A native of Wyoming, Aynn has lived and worked in Nicaragua since 1985.  Her activism took her to Nicaragua as a part of the larger Central American Peace Movement with the organization, Witness for Peace. At the end of the war in 1990 Aynn stayed in Nicaragua and participated in the demobilization and reconciliation efforts and rural community development. From 1999-2020 Aynn worked with SIT Study Abroad first as academic director in Nicaragua and then as Dean of Latin America where she spearheaded projects on decolonizing pedagogies and syllabi enhancement. Aynn completed her doctoral studies with the Universidad de Zulia, in Maracaibo, Venezuela, but because of the current political situation in Venezuela the defense of her dissertation on Central American Ecofeminism is pending. Aynn earned an MA in Latin American and Caribbean History from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua (UNAN-Managua), and completed her undergraduate degree (BA) in International Relations from the University of Wyoming. Aynn is a member of the Latin American Studies Association, the Central American Oral Historians Association, and the Red Centro Americana de Ecofeministas. Aynn lives in Managua with her husband, three dogs and a cat. They all enjoy regular Zoom calls with Aynn’s adult sons who currently live in Philadelphia and Brooklyn.

Aynn Setright, MA

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