Ansley Rubinstein

Striving to always challenge her and others’ perspectives through travel, Ansley has spent the last seven years working with students both at home and abroad. She has led cultural exploration, community service, and language programs in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Costa Rica, India, Uganda, Brazil, Thailand, and the UK. While in the US, she regularly tutors students one on one. When a student herself, Ansley participated in IHP Cities of the 21st Century and studied abroad in Cairo, Egypt. Ansley also spent three years writing for the internationally published travel guide Let’s Go, traveling to Australia, Greece, Austria, and Germany to explore both cosmopolitan cities and remote islands. Most recently, Ansley has helped launch the New York Times Student Journeys, educational summer programs in which New York Times experts and high school students explore a world issue or focused topic in a specific area of the world. Ansley holds a BA in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations from Harvard University, with an emphasis on Arabic language and literature.

Ansley Rubinstein

SIT Study Abroad

Launch Coordinator

IHP: SOCIAL INNOVATION: Entrepreneurship, Design, and Development

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