Amy Jersild, PhD Candidate

Amy Jersild evaluates international development programming for a range of donors, including the U.S. Department of Labor, the UK Department of International Development, The Rockefeller Foundation, and the European Union. She evaluates programs implemented by UN agencies, including the ILO, UNDP, and UNICEF, as well as nongovernmental organizations, including Plan International.Amy’s evaluation experience includes advising organizations on evaluation policy and practice; conducting evaluability assessments and developing M&E frameworks; and leading teams on multi-country evaluations, country strategic program evaluations, and project evaluations. She has focused her work on migration, labor and supply chains, and has also conducted evaluations of social innovation, microcredit, and women’s empowerment programming.

Amy is a candidate for the PhD in interdisciplinary evaluation studies at Western Michigan University. Her research interests include evaluability assessments, meta-evaluation, and the internationalization of evaluation.
Amy’s management and leadership experience includes serving as deputy director of the Education Development Center’s regional office in Bangkok, Thailand, from 2008-2012. She also served as an official with the International Organization for Migration in Kosovo, Lao PDR, and Thailand from 2000-2007.

Amy has lived and worked extensively in East and Southeast Asia (Cambodia, China, Japan, Lao PDR, and Thailand) for more than 15 years. She has also evaluated programs in South Asia (Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka) and the Middle East (Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon). She speaks proficient Mandarin Chinese, a language she was most fluent in when conducting an evaluation in China for Grameen Trust in the late 1990s, and basic to intermediate Thai, Lao, Spanish and French.


  • PhD Candidate, Western Michigan University
  • MA, SIT Graduate Institute
Amy Jersild, PhD Candidate