Alex Silverman, MA

Alex Silverman holds master’s degrees in Slavic and French linguistics. A faculty member of SIT Graduate Institute since 1974, he serves as a supervisor and teaches in the areas of general linguistics, methodology, culture, sociolinguistics, and English language and linguistics. Alex is a consultant to publishers of English and French language and cultural materials and textbooks, and he presents regularly at conferences in the areas of language and pedagogy. He began his teaching in the New York City public schools, and has taught English at the university level in France. He enjoys working with practicing teachers in methodology and culture training, which he has done in the US, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. He is particularly interested in the ways cultural presumptions and norms are reflected in language and in helping students build practical teaching tools that integrate culture into the classroom. An avid distance runner, Alex has completed some 40 marathons. He explains this passion: “I love the solidarity and desire to do your best that running shares with the teaching profession.”


  • MA, Indiana University
  • BA, Antioch College
Alex Silverman, MA

SIT Graduate Institute

Associate Professor


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