Ahmed Fahad, EdD


Before teaching at SIT, Dr. Fahad did research and taught graduate and undergraduate level courses in second-language acquisition, TESOL teacher education, TESOL methods, discourse analysis, applied linguistics, and intercultural communication. He has taught EFL in public and private schools in Iraq and ESL in universities in the United States. Dr. Fahad has a strong record of community service in TESOL. He serves on the Ohio TESOL Board of Directors as the higher education interest section representative. He is a recipient of the Outstanding International Graduate Student Award and the Holmes Scholar Program Award.

Dr. Fahad received a BA in EFL from Thi-Qar University, Iraq, an MA in applied linguistics from Baghdad University, Iraq, an MEd in TESOL, as well as a doctorate in literacy and second language studies from the University of Cincinnati.

Courses Taught

English Applied Linguistics
Second Language Acquisition
Beginning Arabic

Select Publications

Fahad, A.K. (2012). Enhancing Students’ Communicative Skills through Classroom Interaction in Iraqi EFL Classes. University of Thi-Qar Journal, Vol 7, issue 2 (1-15)

Fahad, A. (2015). Sociolinguistic Challenges Faced by Iraqi Graduate Students at US Universities: A Case Study for Iraqi Graduate Students at University of Cincinnati. Arab World English Journal (AWEJ), 6(1), 366-377

Fahad, Ahmed. “A critical discourse analysis of synchronous Facebook communication: Native and non-native English speakers.” Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on CALL 3 (2016)

Bailey, F., & Fahad, A. (2021). Krashen Revisited: Case Study of the Role of Input, Motivation and Identity in Second Language Learning. Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume, 12

Obaid, A., & Fahad, A. K. (2012). Obama’s speech in Cairo “new beginning”: A critical discourse analysis study. Majallit Adab ZiQar, 1-20

A Mashhadi, A Fahad, A Kadhum Fahad. (2022). Iraqi EFL Learners’ Preferences and Readiness for Mobile Learning in Higher Education during COVID-19 Pandemic. Two Quarterly Journal of English Language Teaching and Learning University of Tabriz

Fahad, A. (2019). Understanding Reading Challenges Faced by Arab ELLs in U.S Schools: A Miscue Analysis Study. Humanising Language Teaching, 21(5), 43

Fahad, A. (2016). Using Content Based Language Instruction Models in College ESL classrooms. Ohio TESOL Journal, Winter 2016 – Vol. 8, No. 1

Fahad, A. (2017). Natural Interaction and Institutional talk. The interaction of an English language TV talk show compared with naturally occurring conversation. GRIN Verlag

Fahad, A. (2018). Multiword Verb Use among ESL students with Verb-Framed First Language. University of Thi-Qar Journal of education for Humanities Science, Vol 8. No. 2

Select Presentations

Fahad, A. (2020). The Immigrant Song: Challenges SIFEs Face in the Host Countries: 2020 TESOL Convention (Virtual)

Fahad, A. (2019). Interrupted Education in Diverse Migration Contexts: A 21st-Century Challenge, 2019 TESOL Convention, Georgia, Atlanta. March

Fahad, A. (2017). The Syrian Refugee Crisis – Implications for ELT Professionals, 2017 TESOL Convention, Seattle, Washington. March

Fahad, A. (2015). Round Table Discussion: English for Academic Purposes and the Online Landscape of Higher Education, 21 Century Englishes Conference, Bowling Green State University, October 24-26

Fahad, A. (2018). Improving Iraqi Graduate Students’ English Academic Writing Through Massive Open Online Courses. Second International Conference on Current Issues of Language, Dialects and Linguistics, Ahwaz University, Ahwaz, Iran, February 1-2

Fahad, A. (2015). Understanding Power and Identity Construction in Online Communication between Native and Nonnative English Speakers. Sixth international conference of Foreign Language Education and Technology. Harvard University, Boston, MA. May 11-15

Fahad, A. (2015). Content-Based Second Language Instruction Approaches: Description, Comparison and Application. 3Ts: Teaching, Techniques and Technology conference, University of Cincinnati, Clermont College, Cincinnati, Ohio, April 11

Fahad, A. (2014). Socialization as a Gateway for Academic Literacy: A case Study of Two Chinese students in the U.S. Ohio TESOL conference. Columbus, Ohio, November 13-15

Fahad, A. (2014). Addressing the Sociolinguistic Challenges Faced by International Graduate students in U.S Universities. International Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching and Learning, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. November 20-23

Fahad, A. (2014) Sociolinguistic Challenges Faced by Iraq Students at UC: Case Study for Iraqi Graduate students at the University of Cincinnati. The Spring Research Conference, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. April 12

Research Interests

Second-language acquisition
Discourse analysis and intercultural communication


  • Doctorate of Education, Literacy and Second Language Studies (TESOL focus), University of Cincinnati
  • Master of Education, TESOL, University of Cincinnati
  • Master of Arts, Applied Linguistics, University of Baghdad
Ahmed Fahad, EdD

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