SIT/Hendrix College Rwanda Consortium: Semester Study Abroad Program

Educational Excursions

Please note that in order to take advantage of dynamic learning opportunities, program excursions may occasionally vary.

Butare womens' association

Step beyond the boundaries of a traditional classroom.
Students will be challenged to treat every experience as a learning opportunity and as part of the learning process will engage in numerous field-based, experiential learning activities. Coursework is designed to integrate class lectures with field visits to business sites, entrepreneurial firms, local NGOs, and government entities in Kigali, elsewhere in Rwanda, and in Uganda.

Learn through onsite field visits with program partners throughout Rwanda.
During excursions throughout Kigali and beyond, students will learn through direct interaction with Rwandans. Through meetings with local associations, and group discussions with youth and community leaders, students will consider the impact of environmental policies on environmental protection initiatives and sustainable development. During excursions to rural parts of the country, students will learn about Rwanda’s rural economy and consider what impact microfinance and social enterprises have had on economic and social development outside Kigali.

Acquire a comparative perspective on development efforts during a visit to Uganda.
A critical component of the program is the two-week group excursion to Uganda where students will continue their studies in the cities of Kampala and Gulu. During the period in Uganda, students will visit small businesses and entrepreneurial sites to learn firsthand from entrepreneurs and social development agents.

In Kampala, students will have a series of lectures on microfinance and will explore the impact of microfinance initiatives on sustainable development in a different context. Gulu is a district in northern Uganda and a base for many international NGOs and relief agencies. When visiting Gulu, students will be exposed to the unique role of ecological sustainability and entrepreneurship in a region emerging from two decades of armed conflict. During this time, students may also have the chance to visit Murchison Falls to spot early morning wildlife activities on the banks of the Nile.