Brandeis Midyears on SIT’s France and Spain Programs

SIT Study Abroad offers Brandeis University  midyear students the opportunity to spend the fall term studying in Toulouse, France, or Granada, Spain. Brandeis students will earn a full semester of college credit and enjoy numerous opportunities to bond as a group, promising to make the transition to Brandeis in the spring that much smoother.

Experience cultural and language immersion while earning college credit.

Garden, Spain: Language, Community, and Social Change program

Both programs feature a core interdisciplinary seminar on community and social change conducted in the target language. This course examines the political, social, and cultural forces shaping contemporary France or Spain. Program lecturers are drawn from regional universities, government agencies, local NGOs, and experts from the community.

Students also receive intensive language instruction. Students enjoy a rare personal experience of their host country, its cultures, and livelihoods.

Create your own service learning project.

Students on the France: Language, Community, and Social Change program

Students will conduct a service learning project for credit in collaboration with the local community. Students will receive guidance from SIT program staff and will meet regularly with one another to share their progress, challenges, and experiences, all of which are part of becoming an effective community leader. The practicum is designed to increase students’ professional, intercultural, and linguistic skills.

Learn and enjoy local and regional culture.

Each student will experience daily life by living with a local host family. To complement classroom learning, students will undertake carefully designed academic excursions to sites in the surrounding countryside and nearby cities.

Fulfill Brandeis course requirements

The Community and Social Change seminar on both programs fulfills Brandeis University’s School of Social Science requirement. The language classes help students meet the Brandeis language requirement, which is to complete three semesters of a language or demonstrate equivalent proficiency. Credits earned through the program’s Community Service Project will count as Brandeis elective credits.

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Brandeis University and SIT Study Abroad
SIT Study Abroad has had a long and productive relationship with Brandeis University in providing meaningful study abroad experiences for Brandeis students. In the past five years, more than 200 Brandeis students have studied abroad with SIT in locations around the globe, including Nepal, Morocco, Kenya, and Argentina. Brandeis students often find that SIT's focus on social justice, critical global issues, and undergraduate research is a good fit with the Brandeis curriculum.

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