How to Choose a Program

Students are encouraged to consider the following factors when reviewing SIT Study Abroad program options:

Academic Content/Theme
The program’s critical global issue (theme) shapes the coursework focus and will influence choices for fieldwork and independent research, case studies, and/or community volunteer experiences.

Geographic Location
SIT Study Abroad offers programs in a wide array of locations around the globe. Program sites provide the geographical and cultural context in which students examine critical issues with transnational dimensions. Comparative programs offer students the opportunity to investigate significant global issues in at least four contrasting countries.

Language Instruction
Many programs offer the opportunity to continue language study at intermediate and advanced levels. Other programs provide beginning instruction in a less commonly taught language appropriate to the local community.

Some programs require previous coursework in French or Spanish and/or content-related disciplines. See individual program web pages for more details.

Home College Approval
Students should check with their study abroad offices or academic advisors to determine how credits earned on a SIT Study Abroad program will apply to their undergraduate degrees and/or majors.

Selection Assistance
Students should identify a second-choice program in case their first choice is unavailable. For assistance in selecting a program, please call 888 272-7881 or email

Semester, Summer, or Multiple Terms Abroad
SIT Study Abroad offers semester and summer programs. Students may want to consider combining two different semester programs for a year abroad or participating in an SIT summer program prior to or after a semester program. SIT staff are always available to assist in determining the most appropriate program(s) for a student’s academic interests and personal goals.