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Work Study: Employment for US Citizens, Permanent Residents and International Students
SIT offers a Federal Work Study and SIT Work Opportunity Program that allows eligible students on their on-campus phase to earn part of college costs through part-time employment on the SIT campus or in the local community. Students with work study generally work between 8 and 12 hours each week. The rate of pay complies with the minimum wage in the State of Vermont. Approximately 80 percent of students are awarded a work study package in their financial aid award and have a work position on campus. Work study employment opportunities offer a varied range of work experience with jobs that link to every program of study, course related research, administrative support, or community service with local non-profits organizations.   Incoming Fall 2011 students can begin working no earlier than Thursday, September 1st, 2011 and can work up until the last day of their work study award, Friday, May 25th, 2012.

Work Study Process for Obtaining a Position:
In July, the current work study jobs listing page is sent to individual students via email by financial aid.  Students are able to apply for jobs throughout the summer and when they arrive to campus.  All job descriptions listed have supervisor contact information.  Some supervisors may make additional requests for student résumés, CVs or cover letters.  Students should apply to more than one job, as they may not get their first choices. 

If a student does not solidify a job in the summer or the first weeks of class, there will be a Hiring Fair.  The Hiring Fair will include all supervisors (community service and SIT supervisors) with open positions to do on-the-spot interviewing of students.  Students should bring multiple copies of their resumes or CVs for review.  For incoming Fall 2011 students, the Work Study Hiring Fair will be on Tuesday, September 20th, 1:30-4:30 p.m., in the International Center Dining Hall. 

Work Study Paperwork:
Before you start employment, you must complete a work study packet.   A checklist, W-4 form, W-4 VT form, I9 form, and Health Declaration Form have to be completed once before beginning work.  (International students must be eligible to work in the U.S. and will also have a Work Authorization Form filled out by the International Student and Scholar Office and submitted to the Workstudy Coordinator on your behalf).

Important Notes

  • Read through the Student's Guide to On-Campus Employment (PDF) before applying so you know the rules.
  • The Community Service positions are part of the Federal program and are available to Federal Work Study Award Recipients ONLY, unless located on SIT campus. All other positions are open to Federal Work Study and SIT Work Opportunity Award recipients. Please check your award letter for the type of award you have received.
  • International students please note that you are only eligible to work in positions on SIT's campus. Due to US Federal regulations you cannot accept positions described as "Community Service," that are off campus.


  • You may contact the supervisor listed under "For Interview, please contact:" either by telephone or via email to apply for a position.
  • You may apply for as many positions as you wish, but may only accept one offer.
  • Each supervisor determines the procedure his/her department will follow for interviewing and making offers. (Please note the hiring time for each department varies greatly.)
  • When you have accepted a position, the Supervisor will contact the Workstudy Coordinator.
  • During Arrival day and weeks that follow, you can meet briefly with the Workstudy Coordinator for work study award information. Please bring your Passport OR Driver's License AND Social Security Card. These documents will be photocopied by the Workstudy Coordinator after receiving your completed work study employment packet.  All paperwork must be completed by the student before working.

Workstudy Coordinator:

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