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“The commitment, dedication and professionalism of the trainers was superb. I was dazzled by my observations of their lessons and learned so many things from their manner, presence, and gentle firmness that I want to carry into my own teaching."

—Jan Church, Course Participant

All of our courses are delivered by World Learning SIT Licensed Teacher Trainers

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World Learning SIT Licensed Trainers are all highly qualified and passionate teacher educators.

They all have demonstrated deep knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Designing workshops on teaching using an inductive approach
  • Teaching the four skills, culture, grammar, and all aspects of lesson planning
  • Guiding participants in reflective practice
  • Responding to written work in an affirmative way
  • Taking observation notes of participant teaching
  • Leading post-teaching feedback sessions
  • Competency-based assessment

They are licenced through a rigorous 300 hour training up process that includes both online and face to face mentorship:

  • Stage one of the process provides essential background knowledge and skills needed by trainers before moving on to the next step; training on an actual SIT TESOL Certificate course. This stage consists of 40 hours of online coursework with a mentor trainer.
  • Stages two and three of the process provides trainees with an opportunity to work alongside a mentor trainer observing and delivering workshops, feedback sessions and written assessments on two actual SIT TESOL Certificate courses. This stage consists of 260 hours of observation and training with a mentor trainer.

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