Master of Arts in International Education (On Campus)

Reflective Practice Phase

"It seems impossible to describe all I learned, contributed to, and brought away from this experience."

--Heidi Bohn

Spotlight on Heidi Bohn, MA in International Education

“I wanted to explore the concept of reciprocity in international education programming, particularly regarding the service learning and citizen exchange components,” Heidi Bohn says. That’s why she chose to do her practicum at The Tandana Foundation, a nonprofit organization that brings together visiting volunteers and local communities in Ecuador and Mali to collaborate on service projects.

“Tandana intrigued me with their commitment to building relationships. In contrast to most other programs, they use the service projects as vehicles for conversations and connections to occur, not the other way around.”

Heidi spent nine months in the Quichinche parish in Ecuador, working as a program coordinator. Her duties included teaching English at a local elementary school; coordinating service projects, volunteer work, program logistics, and cultural activities; facilitating volunteer programs; and following up with patients who visited the foundation’s biannual health clinics.

Because of her coursework at SIT, Heidi explains, “I now possess the fundamental theories and practical tools to examine and understand an international education program.” This was helpful during her time with The Tandana Foundation. “I found myself analyzing every aspect of program design, from orientation, curriculum, and intercultural communication, to qualitative inquiry, organizational behavior, evaluation, and re-entry.”

Heidi’s practicum gave her an understanding of the areas in international education that interest her most and gave her the sort of experience that will impress prospective employers. Yet Heidi found other aspects of her practicum even more rewarding. “I found a family—and community—with whom I will forever have a home.”

“Ultimately, it seems impossible to describe all I learned, contributed to, and brought away from this experience.”

After completing her capstone, Heidi hopes to find a position in the field of international education. She wants to help other people experience different cultures. She adds, “I would also love to continue my own international education by traveling wherever and whenever I can.”

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