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Safety and Security


Emergency Procedures

How to Report Emergencies and Criminal Activity
911 is the best way to dial emergency services. For non-emergencies, dial local support services directly:

  • Fire 254.4543
  • Police 254.2321
  • Rescue 254.2010
  • Vermont State Police 254.2382
  • Women’s Freedom Center 254.6954
  • Poison Control Center 1.802.658.3456
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1.800.273.8255
  • SIT Resident Advisor * 0 (from any SIT campus phone) **

* SIT Resident Advisors (RAs) are available Monday through Friday from 5:00PM to 8:30AM and 24 hours a day on Saturday and Sunday. Contact them for help in an urgent situation, or if you are unsure about what to do in an emergency.

** On campus, blue lights designate public local phones that are accessible 24/7. Locations include:

  • International Center
  • Boyce House
  • Undergraduate Building
  • Student Center
  • Black Mountain Residence Hall
  • Dickinson Residence Hall
  • Bolton Residence Hall
  • Janeway Residence Hall

In Case of Fire:

  • Sound the fire alarm
  • Leave the building
  • Call 911
  • Meet others from your residence hall outside the building

If you have a medical emergency, call 911

Crime Notifications

A. Timely Warnings
Anytime that a serious situation or emergency arises either on campus or in the immediate area of the campus that in the judgment of either the Dean or Assistant Dean of Students in consultation with the Provost, poses an ongoing or continuing threat to the campus community, a campus “Timely Warning” will be issued.  This warning will be posted through the SIT/WL Alert System, voice mail or telephone notification, e-mail, posted on the Institution website, posted notices, public address announcements, and direct contact with individuals.

B. Confidential Reporting
Any member of the campus community may report violations of the law or other matters of concern to the Campus Life or Student Affairs Offices.  All reports received will be responded to in the appropriate manner. Anyone with knowledge of a crime or possible crime should contact the Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Campus Life at 258.3361.

C. Annual Report
Federal law requires colleges and universities to publish reports containing campus security statistics. Amendments made to the Clery Act in 1992, 1998, 2000 and 2008 altered the law’s reporting requirements, expanding the list of reportable offenses and creating new reporting categories. All statistics in this Annual Security Report reflect the expanded scope of the 2008 amendments.

The Dean and Assistant Dean of Students are responsible to obtain, review and report all the needed aspects of the annual report.  Crime statistics from the required geographical areas to SIT/World Learning from local law enforcement jurisdictions are requested as required.

D. To whom Crimes should be Reported
While SIT does not have a full-time security officer or staff, the Clery Act requires that the following persons: Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Campus Life, the Dean of Students and the Director of Facilities Management designated as SIT's Chief Campus Security Officials (CCSAs) notify the institution about crimes they have learned about from persons believed to be acting in good faith. They do not have authority to arrest individuals, but do have responsibility for the following:

  • Implementing, communicating, and reviewing policies and programs designed to enhance the safety awareness of students, staff, and faculty. Members of the Student Campus-Life Advisory Board, Student Affairs personnel, and Resident Assistants are called upon to assist as needed with policy / program design and execution
  • Implementing and communicating procedures for crime reporting
  • Serving as first-responder to crime incidents 24/7
  • As appropriate, investigating and documenting crimes with the assistance of the Brattleboro police
  • Maintaining a case history of reported crimes
  • With the assistance of the Provost's Office, preparing an annual report of crime statistics
  • Conducting a formal, monthly (3rd week of each month) lighting & safety audit
  • Ensuring that all student and employee vehicles are registered with proper vehicle identification
  • Communicating campus emergency evacuation procedures in September, February, and June of each year

    The Chief Campus Security Authorities also receive reports from other designated “Campus Security Authorities” (CSA).  CSA’s are staff members who have “significant responsibilities for student and campus activities, including but not limited to student housing, discipline, and other student services.  These persons are listed as follows:
    • Academic Deans
    • Student Affairs Deans
    • Residence Life Staff including Resident Assistants
    • Director of International Student Services
    • Human Resources Professional Staff

E. Professional Counselors
Professional Counseling staff, when acting as such, is not considered to be “Campus Security Authorities” and are not required to report crimes to be included in the annual report of crime statistics.   As part of the SIT policy, these persons are encouraged to inform persons being counseled of all the procedures in place to report crimes on a voluntary basis to be included in the annual report of crime statistics.  SIT also encourages Professional counseling staff to report all crimes which they become aware.  This can be done without identifying any of the individuals involved if they want to remain anonymous but it makes of the member of the campus community aware of the crime.

The Clery Act defines counselors as follows:
Professional Counselor: an employee of an institution who official responsibilities include providing psychological counseling to members of the institution’s community and who is functioning in the scope of his/her license or certification.  At SIT, this means all counseling staff employed in the student affairs counseling and disability support service area.

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