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Weapons and Hazardous Materials Policy

Firecrackers, knives, and firearms of any kind (including pellet guns) are not allowed in the residence halls. If a student has hunting and fishing equipment or anything else that could be dangerous if misused, they should contact the housing coordinator to arrange alternative storage space.

Hazardous Materials
While SIT's policy is to use as few hazardous materials as possible, some products used for cleaning, painting, grounds keeping, etc., may contain materials that are hazardous. Information about these products is available in each department that uses them or in the office of the Director of Facilities Management. Students are discouraged from bringing hazardous materials on campus and should notify Maintenance Services at 258.3237 if this is necessary.

Some waste materials that students may generate such as used motor oil, anti-freeze, etc., are hazardous and should not be put in the trash or down the drains. Contact Maintenance Services at 258.3237 if you are not sure how to dispose of materials.

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