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SIT's mission includes the promotion of understanding among people from different parts of the world. In performance of its role as an educational institution, SIT endeavors to provide the support needed by students as they work to achieve satisfactory academic performance in their courses and within the program as a whole. As members of the SIT community, students share in the School's dedication to goals of mutual learning, mutual enjoyment of the other's company, and mutual respect. However, these goals can only be realized if individuals honor the rights and privileges of all community members and take responsibility for their own actions. Every community has guidelines to direct the behavior of its members and to ensure the basic rights of individual members for the benefit of the community as a whole.

Student Code of Conduct
The following is a partial list of actions that the School considers impermissible:

  • Violation of safety practices or negligence that might cause injury or death to any person on campus or at any event sponsored by SIT or World Learning.
  • Creating excessive noise, disturbing the peace, sexual or other harassment of any kind, violation of individual rights or privacy, or disruption of lawful activities of others.
    (Note that Sexual harassment complaints are handled in accordance with the School's Sexual Harassment Policies and Procedures.)
  • Deliberately or carelessly damaging the property of others on SIT premises or at sponsored events on campus.
  • Deliberately or carelessly damaging or stealing SIT or World Learning property.
  • Tampering with or misusing fire alarms, fire-fighting equipment, or other emergency equipment or reporting mechanisms on campus.
  • Theft of property from any other person on campus.
  • Unauthorized entry or use of campus facilities; unauthorized possession, use, or duplication of keys to campus facilities.
  • Possession or use, including the threat of use, of a weapon or other hazardous materials on campus, such as, but not limited to, a firearm, knife, pellet gun, or firecracker.
  • Smoking in prohibited areas.
  • Violation of local, state, or federal laws, including, but not limited to, those that relate to the use of alcohol and drugs on campus.
  • Failure to comply with the reasonable directions of campus officials acting in the performance of their duties.
  • Violations of all approved SIT policies and regulations as published in the Student Handbook, Catalog, or other official SIT publications, including infringements of SIT's Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism Policy and World Learning's Appropriate Use Policy.
  • Any conduct which the School determines to be contrary to the interests of the SIT and World Learning community in preserving an environment of mutual learning, mutual enjoyment, and mutual respect.

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