Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL, Low Residency)

"The MA in TESOL program at SIT is one big teacher development system. I had many different experiences working in groups with different people, which enhanced my skills working with a diverse community in terms of experiences, personalities, and thought processes. My SIT supervisor gave me incredible insight not only about my teaching, but how I may want to train or develop teachers in the future."

—Greg Abrahams

Interim-Year Teaching Practicum
At the end of the initial summer session, you will meet with your supervisor to develop a plan for the practicum period based on your goals for the interim year.

The practicum site is your place (or places) of employment following the first summer session. Your teaching load must consist of a minimum of 12 hours a week of classroom English language teaching, for a minimum of eight months. You must be the primary teacher, and the minimum class size is five students.*

The practicum is intended to be a time of significant professional growth and reflection and a time for you to experiment with new skills, attitudes, knowledge, and awareness in your own classroom with mentorship from your SIT supervisor.

The practicum provides a way for you to evaluate your teaching competencies, for your practicum supervisor to assess strengths and weaknesses, and for you and your supervisor to determine areas for improvement and growth. You will communicate regularly throughout the year with your supervisor in a variety of ways: telephone calls, emails, and reports.

Onsite mentorship
At a predetermined time during that year, an SIT faculty member or appropriate advisor will spend a number of days with you — wherever you are in the world — to observe your teaching firsthand. During this period, you will have the full attention and support of a faculty member who will work with you to enhance your teaching and advance your goals as a teacher. The onsite observation is intended to be an intensive, highly productive period of engagement and observation.

To take place at a defined point after the initial summer session, this personalized onsite tutorial is a core element of the SIT MA in TESOL program.

*Other arrangements must be approved in advance by the MA in TESOL program academic chair.

"[The] insights I gained from my internship in Costa Rica were examples of the experiential learning cycle in practice; I had an experience, described it, analyzed it, and developed an action plan, which then led to a new experience. This learning would not have happened without the benefit of supervision. The supervision itself followed the experiential learning cycle, supported it, enhanced it, and enriched it."

——Joyce Walworth

"What really impressed me about my supervisor was the way she brought compassion to her work. She assured me that in her role as supervisor she was not here to judge me, but to serve my learning. I hadn't had an experience like that before. Every teaching evaluation I'd ever had was just that: an evaluation.…
Through SIT’s style of education, I've found a new way to do things, and I am excited about the possibility of assisting and serving new teachers in the way that [my supervisor] served my learning."

——Cooper Howland

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