Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL, Low Residency)


  • Susan Barduhn

    Susan Barduhn PhD, Thames Valley University, UK
    MAT, School for International Training
    BA, University of Washington

    Chair, Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Low-Residency Program)

    Language Teacher Education

    Susan Barduhn holds a doctorate in English language teaching. In 2003, she joined SIT Graduate Institute, where she has directed the summer MA in TESOL program and now directs the low-residency MA in TESOL program, teaches in the MA in TESOL program, and supervises student teachers all over the world. Her experience includes English and Spanish language teaching, teacher training, supervision, management, program assessment, and consulting. She has worked for extended periods in Kenya, Britain, Switzerland, Colombia, Spain, and Portugal and speaks Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and Swahili.

    Susan is a past president of IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language); former director of The Language Center in Nairobi, Kenya; and former deputy director of International House in London. Her professional areas of interest and research are intercultural communication, teacher thinking, and teacher trainer development. She co-authored the book Integrating Language and Content (TESOL, 2010), which provides practical examples of integrating language and content into areas such as conflict resolution, social justice, philosophy, and cultural identity. The book was shortlisted for the prestigious Elton award.

    An expat for 25 years, Susan is now deeply engaged in the Brattleboro community, where she sings in three local choirs and volunteers at the overflow shelter for the homeless. She also enjoys camping and is an invited speaker at conferences around the world.

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  • Marti Anderson

    Marti Anderson PhD, California Institute of Integral Studies
    MAT, School for International Training
    BA, University of Minnesota
    AA, University of Hawaii


    Marti Anderson has taught, trained, and supported teachers in both formal and nonformal contexts for 25 years. She has worked with teachers of English and French as well as those who teach non-language subjects and trainers who work in the trades and other technical environments.  Marti has worked with teachers in dozens of countries on six continents; these teachers have taught in a range of contexts from the preschool to the post-graduate level, in rural and urban schools, in schools with rich resources and those largely resource-poor and in situations where the teachers are teaching in their mother tongue or using a foreign language. Marti sees the opportunities she has had to be with teachers in their classrooms as the most exciting, rewarding, and humbling aspect of her professional work.  She loves the face-to-face teaching that is often involved. She has developed and taught online courses for teachers and for training professionals and has trained teachers via television and via web-based technologies. Marti is interested in fostering human potential through humanistic pedagogies, reflective practice, and cross-cultural understanding in educational environments. She is especially drawn to exploring and understanding the transformative features of teaching and learning. She holds degrees from the University of Hawaii, University of Minnesota, the School for International Training, and the California Institute of Integral Studies where she earned her PhD. Her studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies allowed her to integrate her interests in philosophy, world religions, systems thinking, chaos theory, organizational development theories, and subtle energies. Other interests in Marti’s life include experiencing the nuances of other cultures, adding to her international textile collection, cooking, yoga, and her family including her small granddaughter, Ava Marie.

  • Beth Neher

    Beth Neher MSC, University of Edinburgh

    Language Teacher Education

    Beth Neher has been an educator for over 35 years, working with graduate, undergraduate, and EFL/ESL students aged 16+. Her teaching has involved both direct classroom delivery and blended and fully online courses in private language schools and universities in the US and abroad. In addition to teaching and training, she has managed TESOL programs in different capacities — as principal of a small EFL program on the south coast of England, as director of studies at International House New York, and as temporary director of studies at International House London. She has designed and participated in educational reform support programs, managed cohorts of teacher trainers and students, in person and virtually, and has been involved in professional writing, recently contributing to the NGL/Cengage ELTeach online teacher development program. Beth currently teaches and works as faculty and adjunct faculty in Brattleboro, Vermont. She has presented at professional conferences — in full-length pre-session workshops at the TESOL Convention, in professional development workshops internationally, and as plenary speaker.

    Beth also holds an MSC in applied linguistics from the University of Edinburgh, a diploma in educational management, and a diploma of education. She is a lifelong learner and graduated with a graduate certificate in project management from Marlboro College Graduate School in August 2012. She is currently serving on the Brattleboro Co-op board of directors.

  • Alex Silverman

    Alex Silverman MA, Indiana University
    BA, Antioch College

    Associate Professor
    Chair, Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

    Language Teacher Education

    Alex Silverman holds master’s degrees in Slavic and French linguistics. A faculty member of SIT Graduate Institute since 1974, he serves as a supervisor and teaches in the areas of general linguistics, methodology, culture, sociolinguistics, and English language and linguistics. Alex is a consultant to publishers of English and French language and cultural materials and textbooks, and he presents regularly at conferences in the areas of language and pedagogy. He began his teaching in the New York City public schools, and has taught English at the university level in France. He enjoys working with practicing teachers in methodology and culture training, which he has done in the US, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. He is particularly interested in the ways cultural presumptions and norms are reflected in language and in helping students build practical teaching tools that integrate culture into the classroom. An avid distance runner, Alex has completed some 40 marathons. He explains this passion: “I love the solidarity and desire to do your best that running shares with the teaching profession.”

  • Elizabeth Tannenbaum

    Elizabeth Tannenbaum MAT, School for International Training
    BA, Mount Holyoke College
    Certificate in Nonformal Education, University of the South Pacific
    Certificate in Conflict Transformation Across Cultures (CONTACT), SIT Graduate Institute

    Associate Professor
    Language Teacher Education

    A member of the SIT Graduate Institute faculty since 1987, Elizabeth Tannenbaum teaches courses in methodology and applied linguistics, with a special interest in teaching large classes with limited resources, self-directed language learning, and adult literacy. A former VISTA volunteer, Elizabeth has served as a teacher trainer for the US Peace Corps, the US State Department’s refugee education programs in Thailand and Indonesia, the Center for Applied Linguistics, and the US State Department’s English Language Specialists Program. She has lived in Mexico, Fiji, Haiti, South Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia.

    Elizabeth is the co-author of two beginner-level literacy texts, Picture Stories and More Picture Stories (Longman), and a contributor to Multi-Level and Diverse Classrooms (TESOL, 2010). She is active in the Brattleboro community as a board member of the public library and Sandglass Puppet Theater. Her family’s World Learning tradition includes her husband, an SIT Graduate Institute alumnus and former staff member, and their two sons, who have both been on Experiment in International Living and SIT Study Abroad programs.

  • Elka Todeva

    Elka Todeva PhD, MA, University of Sofia, Bulgaria

    Language Teacher Education

    Elka Todeva holds a doctorate in English applied linguistics and a master’s degree in British and American literature, English linguistics, and simultaneous interpretation. At SIT Graduate Institute since 1993, she teaches and does research in the areas of second language acquisition, English applied linguistics, critical pedagogy, language analysis, multilingualism, teacher cognition, and ecological approaches to teaching. A native of Bulgaria, Elka began working in the US as a visiting Fulbright scholar. Her publications include The Multiple Realities of Multilingualism: Personal Narratives and Researchers’ Perspectives (Mouton de Gruyter, 2009), three ESL textbooks, two English dictionaries, and numerous articles on language acquisition and learning, English linguistics, discourse, brain-friendly teaching, multimedia, and reflective practices.

    Elka has taught and supervised in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and Latin America, and is equally enthusiastic about teacher training and working with ESL/EFL students. A speaker of multiple languages, she advocates plurilinguistic approaches to language teaching that take advantage of students’ prior knowledge and experiences. Her various courses and projects encourage teachers to become public intellectuals who initiate or participate in discussions around language planning, language and identity, language and power, multilingualism, and the role of English in the era of globalization.

    Elka is an invited speaker at conferences around the world. She has worked as a simultaneous interpreter at over 120 international events, including the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks and various UNESCO conferences. She has also been engaged with several international organizations for free and fair elections.

    Her passions outside work are modern art, interior design, and music.

  • Leslie Turpin

    Leslie Turpin PhD, California Institute for Integral Studies
    MAT, School for International Training

    Language Teacher Education

    After teacher-training in refugee camps in Thailand, Leslie began teaching in SIT’s Master of Arts in teaching programs in 1989. Her interests include refugee adjustment, cultural identity and memory, cultural and linguistic revitalization, reflective practice, classroom inquiry, teaching practice, literacy non-formal education, and teaching supervision. She received her PhD in integral studies at the California Institute for Integral Studies in 2004. Her research on intergenerational passing of cultural memory within a Laotian-American community led her to an exploration of the relationship between heritage culture/language vitality and the support of artists in a community. She has served as the tour manager for a Laotian-American Folk Opera Troupe, Sau Sing Pin; she has also worked as the managing director of Sandglass Theater, an internationally acclaimed puppet theater, where she produced two international festivals. She is currently US tour manager for the Georgian ensemble Zedashe. Leslie is a 1985 graduate of SIT’s MAT program.

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