Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)


Degree Sequence: One year (33–34 credits)

September–December: First semester on campus
  • January and February: Teaching internship in the US or overseas
March–May: Second semester on campus
  • Following the second semester on campus, students complete a teaching portfolio.

SIT’s master’s in TESOL program comprises two semesters of on-campus coursework; a six- to eight-week off-campus teaching internship; and a teaching portfolio or thesis project, for a total of 33–34 credits.

To complete the MA in TESOL degree, students must complete a set of core courses and at least one elective credit. All students in the program are required to take a beginning language study course during their first semester. An outline of the degree components is provided below.


Students in the International Center

  • First-term coursework (15 credits).
    From September–December, students take a set of core courses on the SIT campus to gain theoretical knowledge and practical tools while preparing for their teaching internship

    First-term coursework:
    • Approaches to Teaching Second Languages
    • Language Analysis for Lesson Planning
    • Second-Language Acquisition
    • Teaching the Four Skills
    • Group Dynamics
    • Beginning Language Study or Advanced English for Nonnative Speakers

  • Supervised teaching internship (6 credits).
    During the months of January and February, students complete a teaching internship in either the US or abroad. Students test out the theories, tools, and perspectives acquired during the first term while receiving critical feedback necessary for continued professional development from faculty supervisors. Learn more about the program’s internship component.

  • Second-term coursework (9–10 credits).
    Students return to campus from March until May to delve more deeply into new material in applied linguistics, methodology, and curriculum design, drawing upon their experiences and insights from the field. Students benefit from the teaching experiences and perspectives of their peers.

    Second-term coursework:
    • English Applied Linguistics
    • Curriculum Design and Assessment
    • Intercultural Communication for Language Teachers
    • Sandanona Presentation (final oral presentation that is part of the program’s end-of-term language teaching conference)
    Course elective (1 credit)
    Sample electives from recent years:
    • Computer-Assisted Language Learning
    • Sociolinguistics
    • Becoming a Teacher Educator
    • Teaching Young Learners
    • Independent Study
    Students may take no more than 2 credits of electives

  • Teaching portfolio (3 credits).
    At the end of the program, each student compiles a professional portfolio that consists of a collection of documents and written reflections. The portfolio will demonstrate that the student has achieved professional competencies as set forth by the MA in TESOL program. Students may petition to complete an individual thesis project in lieu of the teaching portfolio if their job or career context requires this.

    Review past Independent Professional Projects

Read full course descriptions for the MA in TESOL program in the SIT course catalog. Please note that course offerings are subject to change from year to year.

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