SIT Graduate Institute Intensive Field Courses

Special Topics in Sustainable Development: Social Innovations for Societal Transformation
: India (multiple locations)
Dates: January 12 – January 25, 2014
Credits: 2
Professor: Aqeel Tirmizi
Course number: SDIS-5375-INDA


This field-based course explores the role of social innovation in societal transformation. Social innovation has emerged as a highly promising platform to address some of the most significant social problems of our time, and a number of well-recognized cases of social sector innovations have emerged out of India. 

The course will provide students with opportunities to study and experience multiple innovative endeavors. These successful social innovation initiatives have achieved national and international recognition and have led to major societal transformations. In addition, they serve as potential models for social innovation elsewhere. The goal of this course is to learn about social innovation issues, opportunities, and processes using impactful field-based experiences.  In addition, the course will provide a cross-cultural experience about modern India and its ancient heritage. The program will begin in Delhi, and students will undertake classes and field visits to multiple organizations and cities. 

The course is being offered concurrently with the Human Rights, Governance, and Advocacy course.  It has been designed and scheduled so that it will be possible for students to take both courses.

For further information contact:
Aqeel Tirmizi

Estimated cost: $3,250
Minimum enrollment 8 students/maximum enrollment 14 students

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