SIT Graduate Institute Intensive Field Courses

Issues in Sustainable Development: Societal Change Post-War
Dates: January 25–February 15, 2014
Credits: 3
Professor: Charles Curry-Smithson
Course number: SDIS-5020-LIBE

This three-week course takes an experiential, holistic, and critical look at the challenges facing a people in the aftermath of a brutal civil war.  The course examines many of the interrelated societal factors, including economic, social, political, and cultural forces and the needs of diverse socioeconomic classes, sexes, ages, tribes, and war victims — including child soldiers — exploited to wage the war.  Through the voices of Liberians, including government officials, scholars, development practitioners, and citizen activists, the course examines the causes and consequences of war, the process of reconciliation and healing, and the strategies for building a just, equitable, and sustainable society.

The learning activities include visits and dialogue with key resources persons, collective reflections, independent inquiry projects, and a final symposium to share major lessons learned.

The course provides students with a practical grounding that stimulates and enhances their learning on campus and for some students a new focus for their choice of practicum or even their career.

For further information contact:
Charles Curry-Smithson (802) 258-3175

Estimated cost: $3,025.00
Minimum enrollment 8 students/maximum enrollment 20 students

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