Graduate Certificate in International Education

Distance learning: Is it a good fit for me?
Success in the low-residency graduate certificate program requires that students be able to manage their time effectively and independently.

Successful low-residency students are:

  • Self-directed and self-motivated
  • Comfortable with the independence of distance learning
  • Responsible for their work in the program
  • Comfortable using various technology tools. At a minimum, students should be familiar with basic technologies such as word processing software (specifically MS Word) and comfortable with listservs, chat rooms, email, and Internet navigation. Successful distance education students should also feel comfortable with podcasts, webinars, and streaming audio and video.

A review of the following statements may help you determine if a low-residency program is a good match for your learning style and learning needs. Please be as honest as possible, and feel free to talk through any concerns about the program model with an SIT Graduate Institute admissions counselor.

You should answer "yes" to all or most of these statements.

  • I am highly motivated to learn the material involved in this program.
  • I have 10 to 15 hours a week to devote to the program over the next two years.
  • I am disciplined and work well independently.
  • I am good at keeping myself on task and usually complete projects on a timely basis.
  • I am comfortable asking for help when needed.
  • I am familiar with and comfortable navigating the Internet.
  • I am comfortable using email.
  • I enjoy learning about new technologies.
  • I own or have reliable and consistent access to a computer with a broadband connection to the Internet. (This includes evening and weekend access if necessary.)

Students who find many of these factors uncomfortable and who feel they would miss the extended face-to-face interactions of a classroom should consider if the low-residency program is appropriate for them. If not, we strongly encourage you to explore SIT's On-Campus Master of Arts in International Education.

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