Intercultural Communication Course: Inter-Group Conflicts
: Peace Boat—Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile
Dates: January 12–26, 2014
Credits: 2
Professor: John Ungerleider
Course number: ICHR-5000-PB

This course will explore cultural diversity, values, and identity in relation to violence and conflict between cultures.  Models of intercultural communication and sensitivity, inter-group relations and perceptions, and conflict transformation are assessed and applied, as well as creative approaches to peacebuilding.  Key topics will include historical memory, space and time, ego/self, power, gender, place, stories and songs, religion/spirituality, peace culture, and food; each will be explored through reflective observation, reading, case study, and discussion.

Students will connect personal to theoretical material via experiential exercises and personal reflection and a group presentation on a collaboratively developed model of intercultural communication and conflict transformation.  Multicultural exposure on Peace Boat provides a rich resource for experiential learning through observation, reflection, and analysis — individually and in collaboration with classmates.  In addition, we will access and utilize our shipboard travel experiences and in-country opportunities as case studies for discussion.

For further information contact:
John Ungerleider (802) 258-3334

Estimated cost: $4,545.00
Minimum enrollment 8 students/maximum enrollment 20 students

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