CONTACT South Asia

The CONTACT South Asia program focuses on the history of peace and conflicts in the SAARC region with special attention to issues of national, religious, ethnic, gender, cultural, and class divisions. The South Asian dynamics of peace and conflict will be placed in an international context, with discussions on such issues as the Global Peace Index, nonviolent movements for change, and case studies of successful conflict prevention and peacebuilding interventions in regions of deep-rooted conflict.

Topics include:

  • Conflict analysis
  • Conflict management skills and techniques
  • Conflict-sensitive development
  • Inter-group dialogue
  • Transitional justice and reconciliation
  • Negotiation and mediation

Additional elective courses will build on the knowledge and skills gained in the core course to develop specific and in-depth skills in the field of peacebuilding, development, and mediation. Electives courses offered in the past have included:

  • Peacebuilding and Development
    This workshop examines the deeper, less visible roots of social problems and explores practical ways to activate the transformative potential of communities grappling with protracted conflict and socioeconomic inequity. Drawing on extensive international experience as a practitioner of peacebuilding and development, the instructor introduces a range of inspiring examples from different parts of the world. The workshop is highly participatory and features challenging case studies and group exercises designed to open new horizons of thinking and social interaction.

  • Peacebuilding, Media, and Advocacy
    The key focus of this elective will be on using media as an ally for peacebuilding. The course will enhance participants’ knowledge and skills in how to best utilize various traditional and social media tools in issue advocacy. The class will explore which strategies might result in greater visibility and larger impact for participants’ organizations, values, or causes. Case studies, lessons learned from media work in Nepal and suitable for South Asia, and best practices in advocacy and media will be showcased to expand participants’ horizons.  The class will be interactive, with group discussions, videos, and participatory exercises. In the course, students will develop specific strategic plans for utilizing increased media in their organization and will take the first steps in implementing those plans.

These skills and tools can help peacebuilders in preventing inter-communal conflicts from escalating into problems that threaten regional, national, and even global security. Citizen activists, NGO leaders, academics, government employees, social service providers, and others will increase their knowledge and approaches to peacebuilding, and gain a greater understanding of and empathy for their counterparts throughout the SAARC region.

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