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Sexual Assault Policy

Sexual Assault (Including Acquaintance and Stranger Rape)
Sexual assault may fall by definition within the scope of sexual harassment and may be subject to criminal prosecution. World Learning/SIT must refer all alleged incidents of sexual assault to law enforcement authorities. Such conduct must be addressed by World Learning/SIT in conjunction with any external criminal proceedings.

Sexual assault is defined as any sexual act that is perpetrated without the consent of the victim. The type of force employed may involve physical violence, coercion, or the threat of harm to any person. A victim is considered unable to consent, and therefore sexually assaulted, if he/she is (1) mentally incapacitated or physically helpless due to drugs or intoxicants; (2) cognitively impaired; (3) unaware that the sexual act is taking place; (4) under 16 years of age, except where the persons are married and the act is consensual; or (5) under 18 years of age when the accused (a) is a parent or entrusted by law to care for the victim or (b) uses a position of authority over the victim to persuade him/her to submit.

Examples of acts defined as sexual assault by state law and World Learning/SIT policy include forcible rape by an acquaintance or stranger, incest, sexual abuse of minors, and sexual assaults that do not involve penetration.

For immediate assistance following sexual assault, an individual can contact:

  • Women's Freedom Center:802 254-6954 (24 hours a day)
  • Brattleboro Police Department: 911
  • Brattleboro Memorial Hospital: 802 257-3451

A student who believes she or he may have experienced sexual assault is encouraged to seek medical care and supportive counseling as soon as possible. After an assault has occurred, evidence for proof of a criminal offense may be collected during a medical examination at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital. Please contact the hospital or the Women's Crisis Center for directions on procedures to follow for collection of evidence.

Counseling services are available through:

  • SIT Counseling Office: 802 258-3367
  • Referrals to other therapists and support services in the Brattleboro community
  • Counseling, advocacy, and safe housing available through the Women's Freedom Center: 802 254-6954

To report an incident of sexual assault, contact one of the following:

  • Director of Campus Life: 802 258-3361
  • Dean of Students: 802 258-3570
  • Associate Dean of Students: 802 258-3278

Sexual assault survivors may pursue a formal complaint through local law enforcement authorities by contacting the Brattleboro Police Department at 802 254-2321. SIT personnel will assist in the notification of these authorities if requested by the student.

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