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Finding Off-Campus Housing
It is the student’s responsibility to find off-campus housing. Some students find housing in advance of relocating to Brattleboro, but most obtain housing upon arrival. If you plan to search after you arrive, plan to arrive at least one week prior to orientation. There are a number of reasonable motels and inns in town where you can stay while you are looking for an apartment—temporary rooms will NOT be available on campus.

There are a few rental agents and landlords with multiple properties who can help you find housing ahead of your arrival. However, most landlords have only one or two properties, and they typically will not hold the rental for you unless you agree to pay the rent between the time you find the property and when you move in.

The Housing Office can provide a list of available apartments, rooms, and houses for rent, but most available housing is listed by individual landlords and not with agencies. Most rental properties are listed in the local newspaper, the Brattleboro Reformer. This is a helpful guide for negotiating with landlords: Renting In Vermont Handbook for Tenants and Landlords.

The Cost of Off-Campus Housing
Housing can range from $350 for a room in someone's house to around $1500 for a nice three-bedroom house. Rental rates vary widely, depending on the quality of the property, the neighborhood, utilities, type of rental (apartment or house), and which floor of the apartment building or house your rental is on.

Common Questions about Living Off-Campus

  • Are utilities included in most housing?
    Apartment rentals usually include heat, hot water, and water/sewage. Electricity is almost always paid by the tenant. In many house rentals, the tenant pays for heat and hot water as well as electricity, which can be very high in the winter. In some cases, water/sewage is also paid by the tenant. You will want to discuss estimated additional utility costs prior to signing a rental agreement.

  • How far from campus is most housing?
    The vast majority of students living off campus do so in or around Brattleboro. World Learning is about three miles, or a five-minute drive, from downtown Brattleboro.

  • Do I need a car?
    A car is not necessarily needed if you live off campus, but it will be somewhat difficult to get back and forth if you can't find a roommate or a classmate to share rides. The campus van service operates daily, with one morning run and a few afternoon runs between campus and downtown. There is a town bus - the Bee Line - that comes to campus several times a day.

  • How many students live off campus?
    About half of SIT Graduate Institute students live off campus. Brattleboro is also home to students attending Marlboro College, Landmark College, and the Community College of Vermont.

  • If I live off campus can I eat in the dining hall?
    Off campus students may purchase an optional meal plan for the dining hall.

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