SIT Registrar


Office Hours
The Office of the Registrar is open 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM EST Monday through Friday.

Ginny Nellis: Registrar
Christine Spaulding: Assistant to the Registrar (graduation processing, enrollment verification)
Elizabeth Saccoccio: Records Information Assistant (enrollment verifications, transcript request processing)

Phone: 802 258-3583 or 802 258-3290
Fax: 802 258-3470

Statement of Purpose
The Office of the Registrar provides registration and information services, records management, and academic support to students and the campus community in a convenient, responsive, and accurate manner supporting the mission and purpose of SIT. Services include the following:

  • maintaining permanent academic records for current and former students
  • providing transcripts and enrollment information upon request
  • creating and maintaining class lists, grade lists, and grade reports
  • credential file services
  • graduation activity support
  • catalog production
  • academic policy creation, dissemination, clarification, and enforcement
  • graduation certification
  • VA certification
  • ad hoc and statistical reporting
  • transcript evaluation

We are committed to an environment that promotes mutual respect and the opportunity for individual and common growth. Every project and service provided by the staff of the Office of the Registrar is a product of cooperative effort between the staff and those they serve. We strive to maintain a sense of humor and encourage those who seek our services to do the same.

For students ... we will provide accurate information and guidance in order to facilitate the ongoing concerns of our students and to assist students in achieving their academic and professional goals.

For World Learning and SIT staff and faculty ... we will provide accurate and timely information to support the functions of their offices and will coordinate our efforts with them to achieve the highest level of interdepartmental and interdivisional support.

For external organizations ... we will dispense accurate statistical information and data required by external organizations by developing procedures that ensure data integrity and timely reporting.

For our department ... we will seek to anticipate and coordinate the Office of the Registrar's needs by being informed of the efforts and responsibilities of everyone, and we will commit ourselves in a spirit of cooperation to the common goal of demonstrating care, respect, and concern to one another.