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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take the TELIC course?
Elementary grade level teachers and or secondary school content teachers (e.g. math, science, social studies, health, etc.) who have ELLs in their classrooms and would like to learn how to teach them more effectively. In response to state mandates, many teachers have to add an endorsement to their teaching license regarding teaching English language learners. TELIC is designed to help those teachers meet the endorsement requirement.

What are the objectives of the TELIC course?
Participants in TELIC will learn to support English language learners by:

  • Understanding the cultural, linguistic and academic challenges of English language learners
  • Sheltering content instruction to provide access to the entire curriculum AND to promote the development of English language proficiency
  • Learning research-based frameworks and strategies for teaching English language learners
  • Understanding state English language standards and linking classroom practice to them
  • Collaborating with colleagues to build a sustainable professional community

Why has TELIC been offered?
Since 2004, TELIC has been offered in many school districts, predominantly in the state of Massachusetts. It has also been offered in other New England states as well as overseas in a number of international schools.

Can TELIC be customized to meet state or district needs?
Yes. For example, the SIT Graduate Institute customized TELIC for Massachusetts teachers, integrating the Massachusetts English Language Proficiency Benchmarks and Outcomes (ELPBO) into the training. This course was formerly called ACCESS (Actively Connecting Content, English, Students and Standards).

Is graduate credit available?
All teachers who successfully complete the TELIC course will receive a TELIC Certificate issued by SIT and, depending on their district’s guidelines, a certain number of PDPs. Three graduate credits are available through the SIT Graduate Institute. Cost for the three graduate credits is $450 per participant.

How is TELIC different from the SIT Literacy Development Training also offered by SIT?
The Literacy Development training is a two-day training focused on supporting the development of literacy in English Language Learners in the 3rd through 6th grades. The TELIC is a longer, more comprehensive investigation of how to support English Language Learners in sheltered immersion classrooms. The two trainings complement each other, and teachers often complete both trainings.

How can my district host an TELIC course?
Please contact William Kennedy, (, 802 258-3409 or 202 464-6586) for more information.

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