TELIC: Teaching English Language Learners in Content Classes

TELIC Participant Comments

"This TELIC course is a metaphor for cooperative learning. I am learning by doing and practicing the techniques. My instruction and planning have improved and I think I am exposed to learning, thereby I understand it better. My awareness of the students' difficulties has improved (especially after our Chinese language learning experience!) and someone is helping me with my teaching through the peer coaching process."

—TELIC Participant

"This course is forcing me to ask myself some important questions- to face some truths about the process of learning I realize that teaching is a real art, and that we have control over how we plan our lessons. The readings give us great ideas. Also, by using the techniques of instruction in our weekly sessions, I am practicing new techniques and I feel empowered."

—TELIC Participant

"This course has excited my neurons – I can make a list of 50 new ideas I have now (ten ideas from each week). Thank you!"

—TELIC Participant (Elementary/middle school science teacher)

 "I have already used some techniques that we used or learned in class such as graphic organizers. I will also use the vocabulary inventory in my 6th grade class with some slight changes to teach some important terms of the reproductive system. All the lessons and the readings have made me think about my teaching and planning."

—TELIC Participant

"I would say that this course is a challenge. It will improve your vision of teaching and you will learn many teaching techniques that will make your lessons fun for your students and yourself."

—TELIC Participant (Elementary school science teacher)

This course is well worth the time, energy and effort required. There is so much to be gained if you are willing to listen and put these techniques into practice. You are also given the time to reflect on yourself as a teacher: Are you meeting the needs of ESL / EFL students and how can you improve? All of this is done in a friendly environment. Not once have I felt uncomfortable about expressing my thoughts, ideas or opinions. There are no right or wrong answer when discussing the teaching of students.

—TELIC Participant (Elementary school math/science teacher)


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