John Ungerleider

EdD, University of Massachusetts
MA, Antioch University
BA, University of California, Berkeley

Chair, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation

Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management
John Ungerleider has been teaching about conflict transformation at SIT for more than 20 years—a time span he finds hard to grasp. He has authored articles that address youth, peacebuilding, dialogue, and empowerment programs, music in peace culture, and he edited a book on child labor.

John started the Youth Peacebuilding and Leadership Programs at SIT in 1990, beginning with the Vermont Governor’s Institute on International Affairs, which brought Soviet and Vermont teens together. This evolved into the Institute on Current Issues and Youth Activism, which over the years has brought together future leaders from such trouble spots as Cyprus, Northern Ireland, the Middle East, Iraq, Rwanda, and Serbia to dialogue about their conflicts. John has lived, taught, and facilitated conflict resolution in Venezuela, Cyprus, Israel, and Spain.
John founded the Child Labor Education and Action project, or CLEA, which enables Vermont teens to learn about and take action to address the global issue of oppressive child labor. CLEA participants recently wrote and lobbied for state legislation creating a Vermont government sweat-free purchasing policy—it passed.

John and his wife, Elizabeth, have two teenage sons, Jacob (the musician) and Isaiah (the jock). He recently wrote and performed in Secret of the Seasons, a “co-opera” about global warming. He still plays bass and sings with Buddy Folly and the Experiments—SIT’s own rock-and-roll band—and he can be fanatic about skiing, tennis, and eating or cooking international food.