Charles Curry-Smithson

PhD, MA, The Fielding Institute
MA, Saint Louis University
MRE, MDiv, New York University
BA, Glen Ellyn College

Sustainable Development

Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management
Charles Curry-Smithson holds a doctorate in human and organizational systems, as well as four master's degrees in organizational development, sociology, religious education, and theology. A member of the SIT Graduate Institute faculty since 1989, Charlie teaches courses in social change, policy advocacy, leadership and organizations, program planning and project design, and monitoring and evaluation. He also has served as chair of the sustainable development degree and as associate dean of the program in intercultural service, leadership, and management.

Prior to joining the faculty, Charlie worked for more than 20 years as a practitioner in different aspects of development, including community organizing, micro-enterprise development, vocational rehabilitation, political education, civic engagement, and policy advocacy. During that period he worked in five different civil society organizations and in the US Peace Corps. He also established and directed an organization to advocate for a non-interventionist US foreign policy and one supportive of human rights.

Charlie speaks Spanish and has lived and worked in Chile, Venezuela, and Tajikistan. He has also consulted in 15 countries, providing service in needs assessment, program planning, training, capacity building, and program evaluation. His current professional interests revolve around social change, and are partly reflected in the issues he has chosen for his annual policy advocacy course in Washington, DC, including anti-personnel landmines, labor and human rights, the Iraq war, child labor, child soldiers and human trafficking, and global climate change. He is active locally in the Vermont Progressive Party.