TELIC: Teaching English Language Learners in Content Classes

TELIC Curriculum

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TELIC introduces teachers to research-based conceptual frameworks and instructional strategies to make teaching more accessible to English Language Learners (ELLs).

TELIC is based on the principles that:

  • All students benefit from student-centered, differentiated, language-rich instruction
  • Integrating language and content can help English language learners meet course objectives and promote students’ English language development.

TELIC focuses on three main competency areas in building effectiveness for teachers working with English language learners:

  • Second language learning and teaching
    1. What are the implications of research and relevant theories in language acquisition and literacy for teachers who work with English language learners?
    2. How are culture and language related, and what is the role of culture in the mainstream classroom?
  • Classroom approaches and strategies
    3. Revisiting planning: How can teachers structure lessons to maximize student understanding and prepare materials to facilitate learning?
    4. Extending instruction: How can teachers make themselves more comprehensible and give all students access to the mainstream curriculum?
    5. Reconsidering tasks: How can the teacher engage all students in developing language skills while meeting content objectives?
    6. Supporting vocabulary: What is the role of vocabulary in content classes and what are the most effective strategies for teaching vocabulary?
    7. Embedding literacy: How can mainstream teachers make texts more accessible and help ELLs to develop literacy skills?
    8. Evaluating assessment: How can mainstream teachers assess ELLs fairly and accurately?
  • Collaboration and reflective practice
    How can teachers build a reflective practice and sustainable collaboration with colleagues, administrators and parents to support English language learners?

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