SIT Best Practices in TESOL Certificate

SIT Best Practices in TESOL Certificate

Offered as professional development for English language teachers, the Best Practices in TESOL certificate enhances participants’ understanding of effective language teaching principles and how to implement them. The course is designed to develop competency in planning for, delivering, and rigorously reflecting on learning-centered lessons to ensure students develop proficiency and acquire cultural awareness. The course takes into account the local context so that participants develop the knowledge and skills appropriate to their teaching situation. The Best Practices in TESOL Course is offered as a certificate-level course.

Best Practices in TESOL for Younger Learners Certificate

A companion program to the Best Practices in TESOL Certificate, this course focuses on strengthening the knowledge and skills of professionals teaching English as a Foreign Language to students under 16 years of age. Participants learn principles and theories related to effective lesson planning and learning-centered teaching, in addition to the factors that help or hinder language acquisition by younger students. They develop the ability to assess their own and others’ teaching, as well as formulate and achieve teaching goals. Participants attend a course comprised of workshop sessions, practice teaching and feedback on teaching, and assisted lesson planning, as well as complete coursework outside of class.

Best Practices for Supervisors

The Best Practices for Supervisors course is designed to professionalize the skills and knowledge of those charged with super¬vising English teachers, specifically those using a competency-based curriculum. Over the course of the training, these supervi¬sors cover topics that prepare them to perform tasks ranging from effectively providing feedback and planning teacher training workshops to evaluating textbook materials and developing supervisor manuals. The course begins and ends with 60-hour face-to-face trainings, with interim modules provided online.

Best Practices for TESOL Teacher Educators

The Best Practices for TESOL Teacher Educators course strengthens the capacity of university faculty to prepare the next genera¬tion of English language teachers. The training program is designed to support educators as they prepare new teachers to deliver English language instruction grounded in current theory and effective practice. The program increases faculty knowledge of and skills in approaches that promote learning, with an emphasis on fostering learner engagement, interaction and developing learner autonomy. Topic areas covered include second language acquisition, effective teaching practices, supporting teacher learning and professional development, curriculum and syllabus design, using technology in the classroom, and reflective inquiry. The course features two face-to-face phases and two online phases, as well as a series of observations of faculty in their own classrooms.

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