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"The confidence I gained, the education and training I acquired, the network I inherited, and the position I hold are a direct result of my experience at SIT."

-- Lorien Romito
Associate Director, Center for International Programs
Saint Mary's College of California


I knew that SIT had the network, reputation, educational preparation, and specialized training I needed to enter at a professional level and distinguish myself in the job market. The intensity of the education at SIT is like none other I have experienced. I learned in the classroom, from my classmates who are from all over the world, in groups, and through constant reflection.

I loved that SIT’s curriculum asked me to think critically, apply practically, and reflect intentionally on not only what, but how, I was learning. My professors were mentors who encouraged us to develop as professionals and set ourselves up for success in our future career pursuits.

My classmates were my greatest motivation to better myself as a global citizen. They introduced me to new countries; spoke second, third, and sometimes fourth languages; and embraced intercultural understanding and social justice. Like me, my classmates were at SIT to harness their cultural experiences and commitment to social change and apply it to professionalism, specialization, career development, and academic expansion.

In addition, my graduate work helped me to develop important professional skills that I use on a daily basis in my current role.

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